Automate your Medicaid Eligibility Process

How Claim Miner adds Value

Are you confident that your healthcare organization captures every Medicaid reimbursement opportunity? Do you audit every account periodically, checking for missed Medicaid opportunities? If the answer is no, try Claim Miner’s trial search. It’s FREE and it provides a summary result file giving decision makers the data they need to address the problem.

If Medicaid issues are identified, Claim Miner’s production searches can be performed on a scheduled basis. Implementation of this lean process is simple and requires very little implementation time.

Here’s what Claim Miner has found from some existing client scans:

Claim Miner implementation will keep your organization compliant with state Medicaid billing regulations and prevent Medicaid revenue leakage.

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Claim Miner pricing is volume based and determined by the number of eligible searches performed. Scan your outstanding revenue for as low as $0.18 an account.

Start with a Trial

Trial searches provide a risk-free insight into the amount of missed Medicaid opportunities and establishes clear ROI on the amount of missed revenue.

Send us 2,000 records less than 6 months old and we’ll return the data below. Our risk-free trial uncovers Medicaid eligibility issues making it easy to determine whether automation is right for your organization.

  • Health Plan Name

  • # of new Eligible Dates of Service identified

  • $ of new Eligible Dates of Service identified

  • # of Insurance Eligibility Validated (insurance information already on file)

  • $ of Insurance Validated (insurance information already on file)

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